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Werbung von 1955 für "The trill of the year is BUICK"

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This you take in Glowing Pride

Wonderful things seem to happen to people when they take over a 1955 Buick ROADMASTER like the one shown here.

There's a special lift just to see it waiting at the curb - swift-lined, stunningly styled, fairly breathing success.

There's a heart-warming glow that seems to come just from slipping behind the wheel and taking in the tasteful luxury of the fabrics, the colors, the finish.

Even the little things seem to be a source of happy pride - like the ingenious new Wide-Speed Wiper that sweeps around the corners of the great panoramic windshield, or double-times in rapid strokes when faster cleaning is needed.

But when the wheels start to roll - that's when ROADMASTER really quickens your pulse, really raises your pride.

From the moment you call on the silken might of its 236-hp v8 engine, you know this is a car of almost limitless spirit.

The electrifying safety-surge of its new Variable Pitch Dynaflow - and the absolute smoothness that goes hand in hand with it - is thrilling beyond words.

And the masterful levelness of this Buick's all-coil-spring ride - the superb handling magic of Safety Power Steering - these are things that bring a growing satisfaction.

Your Buick dealer will be more than happy to arrange a ROADMASTER demonstration for you. See him this week - you'll be in for a wonderful experience.


MILTON BERLE starts for BUICK - See the BUICK BERLE SHOW alternate Tuesday evenings

ROADMASTER Custom Built by Buick


It lends a lilt to your travel in more ways than one

Let's face it - a Convertible has a special place in the heart of every man and woman who drives.

It's a joy, and a sparkle, and an unfettered spirit - because that's the way it makes you feel.

But the swift-lined beauty you see pictured here sweeps your spirits on high from far more than just its open-roofed jauntiness.

It's a Buick Convertible, styled - as you'll discover - to catch all eyes and hold them in a long linger.

It's a brawny automobile built big and broad and solid of sinew to take the travel of many miles and years.

It's a beautiful-riding car, engineered with the constant levelness of coil springs on all four wheels, and with the true-track steadiness of a full-lenght torque-tube drive to hold firm to the course you steer.

Above all, it's a performer, this Buick - a performer with silken wallop that quickens the pulse and puts a lilt in your heart.

For here you boss a hoodful of high-compression V8 power that's on the record book as the highest in Buick history.

And here you have the split-second response and far better gase mileage of Variable Pitch Dynaflow* to open a new world of spectacular thrills to you.

So why not take your travel with the tang and lift of a Buick Convertible?

You can pick one almost tailor-made to your means - because there's a Buick Convertible in every price range...

The bedrock-priced SPECIAL - the supremely-powered CENTURY illustrated above - the extra-roomy SUPER - the custom-built ROADMASTER.

Visit your Buick dealer soon - like this week - and see how easily this joyous new motoring life can be yours.


*Dynaflow Drive is standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Series.

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them.

Hottest-Selling Buick in History

Thrill of the year is Buick

No wonder you can see so many '55 Buicks on the highways - they're rolling up bigger sales than ever before in history - capping the popularity that has already moved Buick into the top circle of America's best sellers. Come try one - and price it - and you'll see why Buick sales are soaring.

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them

Magnificent Possession for traveling moderns

This is an automobile for those of lively spirit and uncommon good sense.

This is an automobile named by its action, famed for its superb ride, and a veritable find in the fine-car field.

For this, you see, is ROADMASTER - custom-built boss car of the most successful line of Buicks in all history.

It is this very fact that makes ROADMASTER more and more the choice of people who prize worth above pretension - and it's easy to see why.

As the cream of a full line of Buicks that have moved into the top circle of America's best sellers, this master Buick beings with the many advantages that have won such hugh success - and continues to its own pinnacle.

So you find that the Buick ride of all-coil-springing and torque-tube stability is here brought to its peak of buoyant levelness and swerve-free stability.

You find styling uniquely distinguished and distinctive. You find interiors custom appointed. You find comfort truly supreme - even to the rarity of double-depth foam rubber in the seat cushions.

But above all, here you find performance to quicken the pulse of even sports-car enthusiasts.

For here, of course, is the lift and life of Buick's mightiest V8 engine that can pour out, one toe-touch demand, 236 horsepower in a silken, silent sweep.

And here, of course, is the most modern transmission yet engineered - Variable Pitch Dynaflow - to bring you such thrills as you've never known before in any earthbound vehicle.

We suggest you see your Buick dealer this week for a ROADMASTER demonstration. It's a magnificent experience in travel luxury - and rewarding proof that a fine car can be priced without penalty.


ROADMASTER Custom Built by Buick

Here you Swing your Spirits Skyward

There's a way to put a measure to many things in this master Buick...

To its power, to its length, to its width, to all its physical characteristics - even to the deep yield of its supremely soft seat cushions.

But who can put a measure to the soaring lift a man feels at possession of ROADMASTER greatness?

Who can put words to the wings your spirits take when you're at the wheel of an automobile so magnificently alive, so immediately responsive, so incredibly smooth of ride as this stunning sweep of beauty?

And who can say what a satisfaction it is just to see and be seen in this luxury motorcar of unmistakable bearing and markings?

As we said, you can measure many things here.

The 236-hp might of this Buick's V8 engine. The split-second response of its Variable Pitch Dynaflow - and the constancy of its smoothness. The fraction-of-finger-tip effort needed with Buick Safety Power Steering. Even the cushioned "give" of the coil springs on all four of its wheels.

But only in driving will you bring to feel some of the immeasurable pride and pulse-quickening this fine car can bring you.

Your Buick dealer will be more than happy to arrange a ROADMASTER demonstration for you. See him this week.



See the Buick-Berle Show alternate Tuesday evenings


Custom Built by Buick

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them

Newest Note in Hardtops - 4 Doors and Dynaflow Dash

In six years, there hasn't been such buzzing excitement about a particular type of car as there is about the one pictured here.

It's the new kind of hardtop that people are taking to like bees to honey.

It's the 4-Door Riviera - and it bids fair to outstrip the tremendous appeal of the first 2-door hardtop that Buick originated six years ago - and which, to this very day, has outsold all other hardtops, bar none.

You can easily see why the 4-Door Riviera is winning such a rousing reception all across the land.

It's that long-awaited combination of a true hardtop with all the comfort, convenience and extra room of a fullsize 4-door sedan.

With windows down, you have a completely unbroken sweep of vision to left or right - no center doorposts to mar the view.

And rear-seat passengers enter or leave through their own separate doors - without disturbing anyone in the front seat.

It's the brand-new concept in body desing - built to wholly new structural principles - and sparked for thrills by a brand-new kind of performance.

For this is the world's only 4-door hardtop with the spine-tingling action of Variable Pitch Dynaflow...

Where you switch the pitch - as a pilot does - for bettered gas mileage in normal driving and cruising - or for instant getaway response and safety-surge acceleration when you need full power go-ahead split-second quick.

So here you have the last word in body design and the last word in automatic transmissions - both in a brawny automobile that's all Buick, even to the high-voltage dazzle of new record-high V8 horsepowers.

Visit your Buick dealer this week for a sampling of the newest excitement in cars - and a look at the eye-opening prices he's quoting.


When better automobiles are built Buick will build them

Thrill of the year is Buick

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them

It's the step beyond success

There are, you will find, some cars in the fine-car field more costly than a Buick ROADMASTER.

And there are, you will find, some people who judge the stature of their cars solely by the price they pay.

But there are also many men - and their numbers are increasing markedly - who judge a car almost on a "best-of-breed" basis and these are ROADMASTER owners.

For these are men who feel no need to prove worldly success by mere ostentation - so they scan the field for the finest of a fine line of automobiles.

That, for a very sound reason, is ROADMASTER.

This top-of-the-line Buick is the very cream of the most successful line of Buicks in all history - with sales now soaring to an all-time best-seller high.

Naturally, the qualities that bring such huge success to all Buicks are brought to their peak in ROADMASTER.

So you find here the peak of interior quiet, the peak of comfort, the peak of luxury, the peak of level riding and handling ease and precise control.

But even more to the point is this:

Of all cars in its field, only ROADMASTER - because it is a Buick - gives you command of the most modern automatic transmisstion yet developed.

For no other car, regardless of price, can bring you the wondrous action of Variable Pitch Dynaflow.

Your Buick dealer cordially invites you to try a ROADMASTER at your convenience. See him this week for a rewarding experience.


ROADMASTER Custom Built by Buick

Here's the new Hit in Hardtops

the 4-Door Riviera

Even before its first showing by Buick dealers just a short time ago, this new kind of automobiles was generating plenty of public excitement.

Not that it is in full production - and on display - and already in the hands of many eager buyers - the 4-Door Riviera by Buick is the biggest thrill in a whole line of thrillers.

It's no wonder - when you consider that this is the car so many folks have been asking for.

A true hardtop, with the sleek and racy look of a sporty Convertible - plus the steel-roofed safety of stout metal overhead - plus the complete absence of center door posts above the window line to give you a completely unobstructed view at both sides...

And a true Sedan at the same time - with separate doors to the rear compartment - with the full convenience of Sedan entry and exit - and with rear-compartment legroom and headroom as extra-generous as a Buick-size family Seadan.

It's the last word in automobiles, this big and beautiful 4-Door Riviera - and a buy on every count.

For it's coming off the line in the low-priced Buick SPECIAL Series, and in the high-horsepower-per-dollar Buick CENTURY Series.

So you get this beauty at easy-to-take prices - with great new V8 power - with traditional Buick room and comfort and ride stability - and with the spectacular thrills and gas-saving economy of Variable Pitch Dynaflow.

See your Buick dealer this week about the new hit in hardtops - the car that's setting a whole new trend for the industry to follow.


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Bring Colors that sing of Spring!

Smart Prices that baby your budget!

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Milton Berle Stars for Buick - See the Buick-Berle-Show Alternate Tuesday Evenings

We expected applause - but we got an ovation

Thrill of the year is Buick

The hottest Buick in history

No wonder, you see so many '55 Buicks on the highways - there's one for every price range. And they're rolling up bigger sales then ever before in history - topping the popularity that has already made Buick one of the "Big Three" of America's best sellers.

Choose from the low-priced SPECIAL - the hig-powered CENTURY - the extra-spacious SUPER - the custom-built ROADMASTER.

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them.

From the day the first of the 1955 Buicks took shape and form and life on the long assembly lines, we knew they were good, and destined for success.

For these were cars styled with bold distinction - built with exacting care and integrity - engineered to outperform every line of Buicks before them.

Buick Sales Are Soaring As Never Before

But what has happened - and continues to happen in ever-increasing degree - is something beyond all expectation.

The welcome these 1955 Buicks are getting is a thunderous ovation.

Orders in mounting volume continue to pour in - to the point where we have had to boost Buick production. to an all-time high to meet the unprecedented demand.

And on the record book it translates into this fact: Buick sales are sweeping to new best-seller highs week after week after week.

This soaring success traces to many things.

To glamorous new styling. To brilliant new power. To superb new handling ease. To a great ride that is more than ever the envy of the industry.

But you will find the clincher, we believe, when you try the spectacular performance of Variable Pitch Dynaflow...

When you see the better gas mileage you get, and the instantaneous power-surge you command when you "switch the pitch" of the first airplane-inspired automobile transmission.

The over-all feeling can't be described, any more than can the way a Spring morning puts a lit in your heart.

But it can be experienced - by you - and this very week. Just drop in on your Buick dealer and he'll gladly arrange matters.


Milton Berle stars for Buick - See the Buick-Berle-Show Alternate Tuesday Evenings

Coming or going - it thrills you!

It's a EYE-FILLING PICTURE, and you can't mistake it.

From up front, from the rear, or simply sitting curbside, this long, lithe styling is a fresh new grace that says "1955 BUICK" and nothing but.

Sure is a honey, you say - wonder what goes with it?

In one brief phrase - thrills a plenty.

Walloping new power, for one thing - record-high power from great V engines of constantly advanced design, 236 hp in the ROADMASTER, SUPER and CENTURY - 188 hp in the low-price SPECIAL - and all with better gas mileage to boot.

But the biggest thrill, we believe, will come when you try today's Dynaflow Drive*.

To the power blades inside this wondrously smooth transmission, Buick engineers have brought the principle of the modern plane's "variable pitch propeller."

You use one pitch of the blades for new gas-saving economy in your normal driving and cruising. You switch the pitch for spectacular performance merely by pressing the pedal to the floor.

Instantly, irresistibly, off you go in a sweep of infinitely smooth power delivery - with solid new getaway, or an electrifying new safety-surge for sudden acceleration when you need it - a response thrilling beyond words.

Drop in on us this week and try the new Buick. It's the only way to know what a superb thriller - and a great buy - this new automobile really is.

*Dynaflow Drive is standard on Roadmaster, optional at extra cost on other Series.


See the Buick-Berle Show Alternate Tuesday Evenings

Thrill of the year is Buick

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them

See your Buick dealer