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Werbung von 1958 für den AIR BORN B-58 BUICK

Werbevideo / TV-Spot von Buick von 1958

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It's like being very young again, and living to the hilt. It's a sense of command that's pure and unspoiled. It's power beyond compare. Performance beyond the call of dutry. Presision unknown in American cars till now. It's the B-58 Buick, and it's waiting for you now. At your Buick dealer's.


Try one - it costs less than you think

It's the "HIS" and "HER" car

- first big car that's light on its feet

We put it all together in this one car – in this big, bold B-58 Buick.

For him, a strapping and robust traveler – a true red-blooded performer from the word go.

For her, a fresh and glamorous beauty – more obligingly easy to stop, park, steer and handle than anything on 4 wheels before.

What makes it so is big news.

Those Buick engineers brought to Buick’s traditional size and solidity and strength more aviation principles than were ever engineered into an automobile before.

And when you try that Flight Pitch Dynaflow that switches its pitch a million ways – and that B-12000 engine with 12,000 pounds of thrust behind each piston stroke – and that Miracle Ride plus Buick’s Air-Poise Suspension – then you’ll know the gospel truth:

This is the brawniest, easiest-handling, sweetest-riding Buick ever built – first big car that’s light on its feet.

See it and try it – at your Buick dealer’s today.


Big . Bold . Buoyant


We designed this car with mothers in mind

We knew you wanted a car of true modernity – and this 1958 Buick fairly sings with it.

From its graceful grill to its gleaming tail towers to its luxurious decor inside – this is the freshest fashion in town.

But we also knew you wanted other things – like fenders you can see over clearly when you’re backing out of the drive. And wait till you see how easy it is here.

We knew you wanted a car with roominess and comfort, a luxurious ride and beautiful performance. And this gorgeous Buick has all that and more.

Above all, we knew you wanted a car that’s quick handling – light on its feet. And this one’s a joy. It seems to respond to your very thoughts.

It handles with the airiness of a ballerina – so you can slip into tight parking spots – swing around curves or into narrow drives with the greatest of ease.

When you try this 1958 Buick you’ll see how completely we designed it with you in mind.

Your Buick dealer’s will gladly arrange matters. Call him soon.


First big car that’s light on its feet


Just born- and bound to make history!

the first big car that's light on its feet - 

You look at it - and you see ''BIG'' written all over this bold and beautifil 1958 Buick.

You drive it - and you know that never in all your born days have you known a car so nimble, so eager, so light on its feet.

It took plenty to bring you this easiest-handling, sweetest-riding Buick ever built.

It took a brilliant new engine - the B-12000 - which packs 12,000 pounds of punch behind every piston's power stroke.

It took a brilliantly engineered transmission - Flight Pitch Dynaflow* - that swings its blades through infinite angles of pitch to give precise response to every ounce of pedal pressure. 

It took the wonders of the 1958 Buick Miracle Ride - plus the perfection of Buick Air-Poise Suspension* - and Buick Air-Cooled Aluminum Brakes* - and a combination of other modern advances you'll find nowhere but in a 1958 Buick.

But surely you can't be content just to sit there and read about all these wonders! Hurry in to your Buick dealer's and see and feel what he has in store for you!


* Flight-Pitch Dynaflow standard on LIMITED and ROADMASTER 75, optional at extra cost on other Series. Air-Poise Suspension optional at extra cost on all Series. Aluminum Brakes standard on all Series except SPECIAL.

Big . Bold . Buoyant


You're face to face with the '58 Buick

- it looks and feels like flight on wheels

It runs on gasoline and rolls on wheels. But beyond that, all similarity between this 1958 Buick and any other car you've ever known comes to a decisive end.

It is literally born of aviaton principles - starting with the fact that it makes greater use of aluminum than ever before. It presents a changed concept in the look and feel of travel - and reflects a new precision of standard of Buick quality bred into every inch and ounce of its structure.

With this stunning automobile - this big, bold B-58 Buick - you're in the forefront of styling's freshest advance. 

With it you boss the B-12000 engine - command through a transmission that's the big talk of the automotive world - feel a modern miracle in buoyancy of ride, plus the never-before wonders of Buick Air-Poise Suspension.*

With it you can drive with the luxurious smoothness and surety of air-cooled aluminum brakes - and with more magnificent advances in automobile design and engineering than history shows in any single year.

This is a car conceived to change your ideas of driving - and ready now in look and line and lift and life to thrill you to a tingle. Go see it soon - at your Buick dealer's.


* Air-Poise Suspension optional at extra cost on all Series. Flight-Pitch Dynaflow standard on LIMITED and ROADMASTER 75, optional at extra cost on other Series.



Sparkling fresh styling - like nothing ever seen before. From that wide-sweeping Dynastar Grille to the steepled rear tail towers, this is the bold face of fashion for '58 - this is the look of flight on wheels.

Air-cooled aluminum brakes - America's greatest braking advance. These heavier-lined, extra-powerful brakes - with all the strength, lightness and cooling of aluminum, are further ''air coonditioned'' by 45 radial fins that fan in cooling air. Result: smoother, more positive braking and longer lining-life, even in heaviest traffic areas. (Standard on most models.)

B-12000 Engine - as advanced for land travel as the jet engines of the supersonic Delta Wing bomber. Up to 10 to 1 in compression, and with 12,000 pounds of thrust behind every piston's power stroke, it gives you the most brilliantly responsive power in Buick history. It's the most modern engine possible to build for today's fuels.

Miracle Ride plus Buick Air-Poise Suspension * - To Buick Rotoflow Torque-Tube stability and X-member frame solidity, add the fabulous comfort of self-levelizing air springs. Literally, your ride on 4 columns of compressed air - stay on a constant level, regardless of passenger load or road conditions.

Flight-Pitch Dynaflow * - changes the concept of automatic transmissions. Has no ''Low,'' lets you switch the pitch a million ways for exact power delivery at every phase of travel - yet all you feel is smooth, soaring response on the instant.

Magnificent changes through and through - From ''velvet wall'' sound silencing to hidden exhausts, from center-of-percussion vibration control to ball-joint handling of superb ease and surety - this is the car that makes the news of the year.

When better automobiles are built Buick will build them

See it soon at your Buick dealer's